Behavior Problems In School Age Kids

In the field of psychology,, intellectual, and emotional behaviors are the constant topics that continue to be progressive yet debatable. Periodically, more and more studies especially on the field of behavior problems are conducted which result into new findings that are applied and adapted by modern teachings.

Among school aged kids, one of the interesting topics when it comes to possible behavior problems is the theory of learning processes. Here, the basic learning processes or forms include associative learning and cognitive learning.

The former involves classical conditioning-that emphasizes associations between stimuli and responses and operant conditioningwhich focuses on associations between responses and their consequences. The latter, on the other hand, is more interesting because it is a more complex form of learning that involves interpreting present perceptions in the light of the past information to solve unfamiliar problems. The concept of cognitive learning is being adapted by more and more experts because it refers to the first stage of learning a skill which declarative knowledge are acquired.

Since it involves the learning of the knowledge and development of beliefs and attitudes without direct reinforcements, behavior problems are believed to affect cognitive learning. This can also be a problem especially in developing the memory and language of kids that are already school aged.

Experts say that many children that are already in school age are prone to developing behavior problems. To help children veer away from developing behavioral problems or to overcome the signs of it, here are some of the things that teachers and parents can do:

- Always assure the child of your love and support. Saying "I love you" daily or as often as you can help the child cope up with sadness he or she feels whenever you're not around. The assurance of your love and support can also give them the confidence to be more confident of themselves.

- Teach the preschool child to have a positive outlook in life. As early as now, you can teach the child to have a positive outlook in life by teaching him or her to be more self-independent and self-sufficient. You can also teach the child to have a positive outlook in life by exposing him or her to things and experiences that can help the child develop more positive strategies especially in dealing with sadness.

- Nurture the child's inclinations. Encouraging and nurturing the child's interests, hobbies, and inclinations will make him or her feel that you support his or her decisions and choices.

- Be a role model. Showing your child positive approaches in dealing with issues can help him or her acquire those methods when he/she has to deal with behavior problems. If they see how you deal with problems, they are likely to imitate it and apply it on their own.

- Always keep the communication lines open. This would help children overcome behavior problems. This is because parents and teachers are helping the child to be open about their feelings and would also help them feel secured knowing that there is always somebody willing to listen to them.

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