Video Games Set to Boost 3D

This early, many game manufacturers and designers are counting on 3D to boost the sales and the popularity of video games and the gaming world. This is not saying that video games are now on a decline; in fact these games still command the attention of the market.

What they are saying is that with the advent of the 3D technology, the game sector is about to reach new heights. A good number of game designers and developers have stated statements to the effect that it is 3D gaming that is set to conquer the entertainment world, and not the 3D movies of television.

This is a grand claim for them, but of course this has grounding on facts. As of this time, the development and the growth of 3D is conversion of 2D to the technology in the market of gaming. It is said that 50 percent of the current games right now will all be in the technology's new format in just two years. And the conversions to this new technology will continue.

But the conversion right now of these games is not happening swiftly; the conversions are slow and sure and in three years time the technology will be solidly installed in many homes.

One reason that will help propel the technology is the introduction of 3D gaming in the next year, and the kind of game titles that will be issued will also have a great impact on the sale of 3D television. It is expected that gaming will constitute as the main driver for the popularity of the technology. But still the designers of the technology are saying that it is not just counting on gaming to boost 3D. Films and movies as well are being developed so that these will be compliant with 3D.

The most recent example of this technology that is being used in movies is courtesy of the movie made and directed by James Cameron. This is just the start; it is expected that by the second part of 2010 more and more movie titles will be made in the name of this technology. And before the next year starts, there will be a dedicated 3D channel that will be introduced to the consumers.

Just how close is 3D gaming in conquering the market and in boosting the technology? Well the leading game console maker in the world is about to unleash its select line of 3D-based games. The strategy for this manufacturer and its games is two-fold- they are now making a new line of gaming consoles that have their own motion controls and that they are also making their own lines of 3D games. And most of these would-be available games are into sports and recreation activities. So are these moves paying good returns to the technology, the designers and the makers?

The early signs point to positive responses, and we can definitely say that the 3D technology is set to make a splash in entertainment slowly but surely.

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Video Games Set to Boost 3D

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