Here's How 3D Technology Will Click

There are a lot of apprehensions right now with regards to the direction of the 3D technology. Will this technology click, the way other previous technologies have done in the minds of consumers? How will the technology fares in terms of sales and acceptance two or three years from now.

If the experts are to be believed, in about two years time the technology will start to conquer the market. But how about from the perspectives of the consumers who actually buy and support products of this kind? The future of the technology is still up for debate, but there is no question in the fact that there are some factors that can help the technology realize its full potential in the market and in the hearts of consumers.

These are the keys to the success of the technology, and for sure the manufacturers and the designers are all aware of these keys to success. Here are some of these factors that will definitely say if the technology will grow:

It's all about cost. As of this writing the cost of the technology is not within reach of many consumers and buyers in the market. And this is one gap that the designers of the technology should address if they really want to make sure that the technology will solidify its hold I the market. Even the lowest end of this technology doesn't come in cheap. In fact the software that creates simple images in 3D can cost $100 upwards.

The technology's success will be dependent on ease of use. If the consumers can find it easy to use the technology, then this will be good news for the designers and makers of the technology. This will take time since users will have to know the technology and accessories first.

There is a demand, and this will help the technology becomes commercially successful in two years time. In order to get the demand for the technology, it is imperative that designers can identify more uses and applications for 3D. For example, this technology has been used in news reporting for added effect. Right now the application for this technology can be seen in viewing movies and in gaming applications. So it can be expected that the 3D gaming experience will be big.

There should be cross-platform functionality. As the technology continues to mature, the 3D technology should also be in tune with cross-platform technology. Just for starters, the Shockwave content can be used to run on Microsoft and on the Macintosh platforms with or without the presence of the 3D video cards. The key here is to make sure that the technology can be used in a variety of ways, and that the technology should also be compatible with a number of systems.

There is no denying the fact that 3D is an exciting technology as it gives new meaning to home entertainment. But before this technology can reach the pinnacle of success, it has to make sure that all keys have been addressed- and these are the ones that will make 3D clicks!

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