Do We Expect 3D TV in Many Homes in Two Years?

The way things are going, we are going to expect a lot of consumers and homes getting equipped with 3D televisions. Watching movies in three dimensions is no longer just the domain of specialty cinemas.

Now with 3D television getting cheaper and the attendant accessories fast getting accessible there is no stopping the spread of this technology. And video game studio Ubisoft is banking on its popularity and has even issued statement that this technology could be big in the next 2 years!

There are a number of reasons why this technology is set to rock the home entertainment scene. First reason is the attention that this technology is getting this 2010. Everyone knows the big event in 2010- the World Cup. And 3D television has been used to market the sports to many, and this hasn't failed. The technology even raised the awareness of millions for the sports.

Another reason why they are thinking that the technology will be a hit in the next two years is the fact that there will be faster adoption of the technology as compared to the other technologies adopted in the past by the consumers. Just think of the VHS or other technologies in the past where their adoption by the consumers took time.

This 3D technology will be easier to adopt because the technology faces lots of support, and none of the usual battles from competitors that will challenge its dominance.

The technology is easy to adopt because it is easy to use in homes. You don't have to be a techie in order to make the 3D experience live inside your home. You don't need not worry about the using the wrong equipment since all the HDMI cables are used to connect the set-top boxes and the television can easily detect and support many standards.

Plus consumers need not worry about content that will support the technology, or they should not also be concerned by the absence of television units that are capable of this technology. There are now television sets that are on offer in the market that can easily convert the two-dimensional signals into three (3) dimensional signals in real time. What this means is that even with ordinary televisions given the right prep work, families can now be entertained with 3D images and scenes- like animals leaping out of the screen.

Most watchers who are saying that the technology will be big in the next two (2) years are still one in saying that as of this moment that the technology is still at the pre-adoption stage.

But as the receipts and positive comments show, the 3D technology is on its way in becoming a household item in the next two years. And during that time, it is expected that any gaps in the technologies or any issues will be resolved. For these reasons, it should not come as a surprise to see families enjoying much of their stay at home- while mesmerized by 3D leaping out of the screens.

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